Silence we’re shooting (Silence, ca tue!) [DD] (2009) – [SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE EDITION MIT VACUUM KILLER] – [UNRATED]

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INFOBOX IMDb:  7.9/10 Meta:  N/A%
In this Belgian thriller, an experiment in filmmaking goes horribly wrong for a frustrated young director. Tired of working within his country’s movie business, the filmmaker goes rogue and takes the independent route. However, his actors aren’t sympathetic to his cause, and the results are a frightening mess.





7.9 / 10

Titel Silence, ça tue!
Teaser-Text A young director disgusted by the financing system of the movie industry decides to shoot a movie made from live scenes without any financial support in order to denounce the difficulties to achieve a cinematographic project in Belgium.
Genre(s) Thriller
Land | Jahr | Laufzeit Belgium | 2008 | 1:06
Regie | Story Christophe Lamot | Christophe Lamot (screenplay)
Darsteller Nicolas Anseroul, Wanty Christian, Michelet Christophe, Yanik Denis
IMDb 7.9 bei 64 Stimmen
Metascore N/A / 100


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